Welcome to Grounded Space!

We’re a collective of social and community services who want to disrupt stuck-ness and enable flourishing. We do that by building a Research & Development function within and between organizations.

Why are we here?

Grounded Space is our answer to the capacity challenge. It is Canada’s first collective of social organizations pooling resources for continuous experimentation, or what we call Social Research & Development. Amazon, Google and most private sector superstars spend 3-30% of their annual budget on research, design, and development. It’s time the social sector has the same infrastructure to re-imagine what is and co-create what could be.

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We’re a collective of community organizations, social service agencies, and InWithForward – an international team of designers, anthropologists and reflective practitioners. After more than a decade building teams to solve social problems, we’re finding it’s not just about any one project or solution.

We want to turn our social safety nets into trampolines and enable people on the margins to flourish. Tired of all the innovation rhetoric, our focus is on values-led design, and on creating the capacity to listen, ask, observe, make, and test alternatives to the status quo.

Grounded Space is our container for doing just that. It’s about building permanent capacity to make, test, and embed new practices. It’s Canada’s first Research & Development Collective for social services and community organizations.

Grounded Space currently has four prototyping members who are based in British Columbia and Ontario:
– Burnaby Association of Community Inclusion
West Neighbourhood House

Learn more about the Embedded Researchers teams of the agencies and follow their journeys here.

Grounded Space is growing, join the next cohort of organizations by dropping an email to: jennifer@inwithforward.com


Summer Learning Week II (Prototype #002)

Here at InWithForward, we’re building our version of the International Space Station. Dubbed Grounded Space, we’re inviting social service organizations to dock. They can use our shared infrastructure to make, test, and embed new practices. To get organizations ready for flight, we offer free learning orbits (or tasters) around interaction design, social science, team practice, …


For general inquiry, please drop your message to: hello@inwithforward.com
For questions about becoming a member of Grounded Space, please email: jennifer@inwithforward.com

Our visiting addresses are:

Grounded Space HQ:
790 East 14th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Grounded Space Kinsight:
811 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC.

Grounded Space PosAbilities:
4664 Lougheed Hwy #240, Burnaby, BC.

Grounded Space BACI:
2702 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC.

Grounded Space West Neighbourhood House:
The Meeting Place
588 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON.