Summer Learning Week II (Prototype #002)

Here at InWithForward, we’re building our version of the International Space Station. Dubbed Grounded Space, we’re inviting social service organizations to dock. They can use our shared infrastructure to make, test, and embed new practices.

To get organizations ready for flight, we offer free learning orbits (or tasters) around interaction design, social science, team practice, leadership, and data. Our learning sessions aren’t just for organizations, though. They are for designers, researchers, funders, and anyone curious about Social Research & Development.

We offered three learning orbits in August. 28 folks from across sectors came for (1) Space Matters, (2) 6 Thinking Hats, and (3) Rhythms and Rituals. Space Matters and Rhythms and Rituals elicited real interest. 6 Thinking Hats didn’t take off. Our hunch? Monday mornings aren’t great time slots for provocative learning.

These three learning orbits are part of our “Team Practice” stream. Our four other streams of learning include Leadership, Social Science, Design, and Data.

Check out our upcoming learning offers in Toronto and Ottawa!