PosAbilities Grounded Space

Who are we?

We’re a research and design team to ask questions, gather stories, and share ideas. We are curious about the way things work and how they may work better. We don’t know where this journey is going. We will let the journey guide us.

We are your Grounded Space team!

What’s our purpose?

We are creating space where teams have the opportunity, capacity and motivation to try new things, learn and grow. We want to hear your ideas because there is always room to think and do things differently.

What to expect?

The five of us are visiting various programs to listen, observe and engage teams in:
* Understanding your everyday experiences.
* Sharing your stories.
* Exploring your ideas.

where will you see us?

November: In the “Space station” at head office
December: Kicking off at Pod Parties
January & February: In various programs
March: Stay tuned!